Skinning Life Size Game

  1. There are two major methods of skinning for large life size mount such as deer, elk or bear. These methods are the flat incision and dorsal method.

  2. The Flat Incision - is used in rug mounts and other variety poses. The area to be cut is shown in Figure#1. Make these slits (cutting the feet free from the carcass) .The head detached as with the shoulder mount.

  3. The Dorsal Cut - (For life size only). This is skinning the animal down the back. From base of tail to back of head. Then it is cut down and peeled off the carcass. Skinning down legs and cutting leg and leaving foot& leg bone in. Also leave the head and skull in hide. Taxidermist will skin these out. Then take it in or freeze ASAP.

  4. Small Mammals - Coyote sized or smaller, should not be skinned unless by a professional. Don't gut the animal. Small mammals, especially carnivores, will spoil quickly because of their thin hide and bacteria. If you can't take the small game animal immediately to a taxidermist, as soon as the carcass cools completely, put in in a plastic bag and freeze it. With the epidemic of rabies evident in many areas of the country take every safety measure necessary when handling your game